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With a successful track record in Sales and Account Management at all levels, I will provide an objective and impartial assessment of your business continuity plans to help get the best from your team. 

Automotive Sales Management Consultant


On the grid

 I help companies improve their sales performance by focussing on the key processes.

Strategy & Structure

Every member of the team should know what they have to do.

Sales Plans & Project Management

Well developed plans and projects increase your chances of winning.

Business Development

Successful businesses always have a new business pipeline.

Mentoring & Coaching

New-to-role individuals need extra support and guidance.

Time Management

Doing what’s always been done is not necessarily the best way.

Working in Partnership

Impartial, professional support when you need it.

Synchronized services that work together

Strategy & Structure

Reviewing current sales processes is one way to identify the delta between what’s being done and what could be done. The difference between good practice and best practice can be significant and so documenting ‘what good looks like’ not only makes clear to everyone what the benchmark is, it removes ambiguity and increases focus, motivation and performance.

I can help by meeting selected individuals on a 1-2-1 basis to discuss how they currently perform their role and what challenges and risks they feel they have to manage. This is then benchmarked and a detailed report produced to show actual current practices, any potential risks of doing nothing and the opportunities available if best practice is implemented on key elements of the sales role. The report includes recommendations for next steps and offers support with communication and implementation, if required.

Sales Plans & Project Management

Developing a sales plan requires more than just setting targets. To get the best from any sales team and growth from the customers they manage requires a strategy and clear understanding of what the market and the customers actually need. Input from the sales team is essential to ensure they are involved and take ownership of  the actions that need to be taken

I can help by working with the key stakeholders to identify and document the opportunities and then by supporting the project team to identify the necessary resources, prioritise the tasks and implement the plan. A project milestone document is used to monitor progress with countermeasures to ensure delivery is on time and within budget.

Business Development

An important aspect of achieving sustainable growth for any company is ensuring there is a pipeline of new business opportunities. Whether increasing business with existing customers or identifying new ones, the need for a structured business development plan is equally important.

I can help by working with you to review current business processes and assist with identifying new initiatives and opportunities targeted towards existing and new customers. Once identified, a plan is produced to quantify the tactics, detail the actions and identify the best available resources needed to achieve success.

Mentoring & Coaching

Good sales people are often promoted to Sales Manager positions without being given the necessary support and additional training. When this happens there is a high risk of failure as it destabilises and demotivates the individual and results in the company not only failing to achieve its expectations, but incurring additional cost to replace them when they leave.

I can help by supporting new-to-role individuals at any level with general issues they encounter for the first time. Many individuals feel uncomfortable contacting their new boss with problems and uncertainties they are faced with in their new role and so in reality they don’t, which means they feel even more vulnerable. Regular 1-2-1 catch-up and coaching sessions with someone who has experience in the role ensures clear understanding and direction. This is backed up by telephone contact to maintain ongoing clarity, increasing the individual’s confidence and their chances of delivering greater success.

Time Management

Time Management is important to any business and especially those who employ field-based individuals. The biggest challenge to all sales people is TIME and how to be most effective in the course of their working day, so Time Management is an essential element of the sales person’s skill set.

I can help by meeting with selected individuals to discuss how they currently perform their role and what challenges they have. Key areas that absorb disproportionate amounts of time can be identified and with a few simple steps and processes implemented, could mean they are able to accomplish more in a shorter time. This will create more free time to take advantage of other opportunities making them more effective and potentially more successful.

Working in Partnership

Impartial and honest feedback

In any walk of life we often choose to get a second opinion; sometimes because we want to validate what we already believe, other times when we really don’t know which way to turn. The saying “you can’t see the wood for the trees” is a very relevant analogy in business and so here’s where an external view can often bring fresh ideas and new initiatives to improve revenues.

Experienced resource when you need it

Companies often recognise they have issues that need resolving but their day-to-day routines and priorities mean they don’t have the manpower to properly investigate more strategic issues and deliver the solutions. An external consultant can be very cost effective by providing the immediate and necessary skills and experience to carry out the tasks on a temporary basis.

Benchmarking your business

Selling is not an exact science and a primary example of this can be the way a sales team operates. Sales teams are usually constructed of people with very different skill sets and so not everyone tends to adopt best practice, which should be the benchmark. A confidential report will detail the current state, risks of doing nothing and proposed actions to improve operational profitability. 

Skilled, professional sales support

Specific operational projects or reviewing the sales structure and sales processes being used to manage and develop your key customers are challenging and difficult tasks. If you don’t have the necessary resource available in-house now, contact me to gain access to a highly experienced sales professional who can offer the support and guidance you need.

With just one day on-site Roy provided us with a very detailed, comprehensive report of actions, and more importantly, solutions required. We were delighted with the analysis and will look forward to working with Roy again in the future

Graham Payne

Chief Operating Officer, Rimmer Brothers, Lincoln

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